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The worst enemy of knowledge is not lack of knowledge, but half-knowledge

The mission of our Training Department is to provide for participants a training of practical knowledge in a professional and transparent way, using multimedia techniques and original materials from our trainers.

    We organize:
  • Administration service trainings for technicians
  • Technical training including support for communication applications
  • Technical training including support for products related to communication systems (Call Center, Dispatching Console, etc.)
  • Practical workshops in our laboratory from any range
  • Practical workshops at the customer site on his system
  • Business trainings presenting the possibilities of our systems
  • Industry conferences


All trainings and courses are conducted by experienced coaches who have practical and theoretical knowledge and have appropriate didactic preparation. The classes are conducted in the form of lectures, workshops, case studies, discussions and simulations.

    Our company adapts to your expectations:
  • We have extensive experience in organizing various types of training and projects
  • The training dates are determined jointly after consultation with the trainer
  • We look forward to suggestions from you regarding the topics of training and the dates in which they will take place
  • We are very flexible and we are able to arrange training for you in any matter of interest
  • Training takes place at our Training Center or in the place you are proposing

We warmly invite you to cooperate!

Nextcom Training Department