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The price of "peace of mind" is uncountable

Service maintenance:

We focus on long-term cooperation with our business partners.
We always build an offer of maintenance cooperation based on the individual needs of the Partner. The scope of our services may involve both complex systems or only selected elements. Service contracts are a great way to reduce your IT costs and improve the security and continuity of your infrastructure. By entrusting professionals with issues that often require extensive and specialized knowledge, a company can focus entirely on pursuing its business goals.

    Benefits of service maintenance :
  • Quick response time to reported problems
  • Access to knowledge of specialists in various fields
  • Lower service costs compared to the standard price list
  • The possibility of renting replacement hardware if repair is necessary
  • System supervision and preventive maintenance
  • Free consultations about operation, configuration, repair and development of customer infrastructure

Transferring the service to effective team allows you to get away from the effects of absence of an employee due to illness or leave. Our company employs several specialists who are ready to assist you at any time. We have qualified staff, with extensive experience (associated with the service of a large number of customers). Such an experience will never be acquired by a specialist working only with one system. We constantly improve our qualifications by participating in specialized training.

Safety is our priority - so we try to anticipate possible malfunctions beforehand. We regularly review your equipment, which guarantees a longer, trouble-free operation.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to maintain your system in optimal condition and optimally set it up to achieve maximum productivity.