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Good diagnosis is 90% of success!

Diagnostics and Consultations:

A telecommunications system is a sure and effective tool only when it is based on a professional-created strategy. Nextcom develops comprehensive system strategies and, according to needs, strategies for individual components. The work is being prepared to implement the whole telecommunications system in companies. We recommend specific communication solutions that will guarantee the achievement of business objectives. To achieve the goal, good work methodology and support tools are needed.

    The process of developing an IT strategy is divided into four stages:
  • Defining the strategic assumptions of the system (operating or planned)
  • Defining areas of activity through analysis of business processes
  • Identifying needs and expected functionality
  • Presentation of the system concept

The price of the services described and the billing model are determined individually and depend on the time spent by the consultants to analyze the problem and his complexity. Before commencement of work we agree with the customer the estimated value of the project, and then depending on the needs allows the possibility of price modification based on the detailed settlement of the consultants working time.