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We are a Master Partner of Unify which allows us to access technical support and offer competitive pricing - we have certification from systems of any size

    Our specialists have worked previously for Unify and are one of the best in Poland providing support from various technologies, especially:
  • OpenScape Enterprise - the solution for very large companies and large companies with complex structure
  • OpenScape 4000 (formerly HiPath4000 and Hicom300) - communication server for large enterprises
  • OpenScape Business (formerly HiPath3000 and Hicom150) - solutions for small and medium enterprises
  • OpenScape Branch - gateway to connect any TDM line to an IP network
  • OpenScape SBC - gateway that allows you to securely connect your company's branches through the public network or connect remote workers
  • OpenScape Xpert - dispather system with great possibilities
  • OpenScape UC Application - Unified Communications applications (including Mobility, Web Collaboration, integration with external applications)
  • OpenScape Contact Center - Call Center solution
  • OpenScape Xpressions - advanced voicemail
  • system DECT, DECT IP and WLAN telephony for mobility of emplyees

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