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We are a company based on Siemens / Unify and mainly for these products are adapted our own solutions, however, some of them can cooperate with any type of communication system supporting SIP (almost all on the market). All the solutions we create are designed to meet the specific functional needs of our customers.

Most interesting solutions, we can offer:

Voice Clock   system designed for mining plants - created in response to the need to create a system that provides the current time for miners who do not have direct access to any automatic source of time.
Our Voice Clock is also suitable for use in HiPath 4000 systems that do not have an IP network connection.
The card supporting this system is installed in the HiPath4000 or OpenScape 4000 chasis as a peripheral card and does not require a separate power supply.
  • Trusted time source - synchronization with NTP server
  • The card also provides additional announcements
  • Very often it is also used as an announcement before recording conversations
  • Employees do not need to call the dispatcher to ask what time it is
  • The system works continuously
  • Several concurrent connections can be made to one announcement
  • Available three channels of announcements (support up to three different announcements)
  • Ability to activate announcements via potential-free contact
BLF for HiPath4000   is a modular extended solution with additional OpenStage buttons for the Hipath 4000. The system allows you to use additional physical buttons on phones connected to systems that for some reason need more than 24 physical keys available in the OpenStage Key Module.
  • Expandable to 90 physical buttons connected to one phone
  • Each button with an LED indicating incoming call to the number
  • Possibility of call waiting queue visualization on buttons
  • An operator can receive any call from the waiting queue
  • All buttons within the operator's reach, without the need for additional movement
  • Perfect solution for employees who need direct and intuitive multi-touch connectivity
  • Design adapted to OpenStage phones
NEXTCOM RIM (Radio Integration Module)   is a system that allows you to support Tetra system connections on the OpenScape Xpert console.
The system supports group calls, individual calls, emergency calls, SMS and SDS. The easy and intuitive user interface makes it easy to handle all types of calls.
  • Tetra module interface integrated in the dispatch console - without the need for an additional dedicated phone
  • Easy access to the Tetra system functions
  • Supports all types of Tetra connections (group, individual and alarm)
  • Easy SMS and SDS text messaging
  • Full module available under one button
  • Possible use of additional accessories (eg. PTT external button)
Call Log NG   The Call Log system was developed in response to the need to expand the call log functionality of the Xpert dispatch system.
It allows you to use a more functional call log that integrates seamlessly with your existing OpenScape Xpert dispatcher system.
  • Possibility of individual confirmation of missed calls
  • The ability to listen to recordings directly from call history
  • Color separation of different types of calls
  • An operator can add a note to an entry in the call history
  • Defining callback on schedule
  • Taking action on a call log for one or a group of calls
  • Marking of important connections
  • Replaces the basic Xpert call log - available under the same button
  • Ease of implementation, no complicated administration training
Speed Dial Buttons v2   allow you to make a quick call to a user programmed under a particular button. All available numbers for a particular subscriber are available under one button.
  • All numbers for a particular subscriber in the phone book available under one button (for example mobile, home, office, DECT, Tetra, etc.).
  • The ability to group buttons on 15 sheets
  • Up to 70 buttons on one sheet
  • Up to 4 numbers can be assigned to each button
  • Support up to 1050 buttons and 4200 numbers
  • Possibility to define a default number
  • Customization of button appearance
  • Editing is available to the user or system administrator
Expansion of the dispatching system - Advanced Queue System   is a set of redundant servers that provide a number of enhancements to the dispatcher system for advanced dispatching of queues.
  • Queuing of connections in dispatcher system
  • Announcement about the busy consoles serving the queue
  • Shared call waiting queue
  • Dynamic selection of target dispatcher based on many parameters
  • The ability to receive a call on any console that supports the queue number
  • Prioritizing and specifically marking important calls (eg VIP)
  • Ability to dynamically enable / disable a given queue
  • Grouping of calls into three queues (main, VIP, ad-hoc)
  • Dynamic allocation of calls to the ad-hoc queue based on the caller's number
  • Redundant servers can be located in different locations - it allow uninterrupted system operation
Expansion of the dispatching system - ALL-in-ONE system   Xpert dispatcher system working on independent hardware All-In-One
In addition, the solution allows to use all previously designed applications (Call Log, Speed Dial Buttons v2 and Advanced Queue System) and integration with Tetra system.
  • All applications available in one view
  • Large and clear touch screen
  • Full functionality of the Xpert system
  • Modern design and space saving - no need for an extra phone or console

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